Tenants frequently need to make changes to existing office space in order
to accommodate their specific company needs. This is a complicated
process for both the tenant and the landlord. It requires careful and
thorough negotiations. It’s important that you be represented by someone who understands the finer points of this type of contract whether it’s renovating existing office space or building it from scratch. You need a professional commercial real estate broker to assure that the process goes smoothly.

Most tenants arrange for the landlord to build or renovate the office space. 
In many cases, the landlord has established contacts that can translate to a significant savings for the tenant, if you have an experienced commercial broker as your advocate.  We can often negotiate a deal where the landlord transfers savings he may be receiving from volume discounts directly over 
to you. However, having the landlord take responsibility for the final construction of the office space means every last aspect of the contract needs to be perfect.  It takes years of experience to know the ins and outs of this type of arrangement.  We will make sure that complete planning specifications have been made and approved by you prior to signing the lease.  With my experience, your contract will be “loophole” free and will thoroughly document the landlord’s responsibilities.

If you decide that you would prefer to take the responsibility for construction of the office space, we have the vital negotiation tactics for you. These tactics can often mean the difference between you paying for the construction on your own, or the landlord offsetting the cost and even sometimes completely reimbursing you.  Don’t get caught paying costs you don’t have to, let me help you find the best terms for the construction of your new office space.