Selecting the best commercial property requires strong market knowledge and a skilled eye. You need an experienced professional advocate in your corner. We will scrutinize every line of your contract with your best interest and unique needs in mind. We have the years of experience it takes to recognize and cut out the additional charges and restrictive terms that are often hidden in a lease. It is our mission to find you the best rate with the best terms.

Finding the right property is more than just finding a good deal. You need the right location and the right space. After all, the building wasn’t constructed with you in mind. We will sit down with you personally to analyze your company’s needs and find the right property for you. We’ll discuss your budgetary concerns, architectural criteria, and location requirements. We have the market knowledge and expertise necessary to find the right lease quickly, on your timeline, and within your budget. Contact me and we’ll set up a meeting time convenient for you to discuss how we can help your company.


Selling or leasing business property requires a thorough understanding of the market and the location of the property. Your broker needs to be able to analyze current business trends and anticipate future ones.  When we analyze your lease’s value, we will take into account everything from labor availability and transportation access to a region’s utilities. You need a professional commercial real estate broker to evaluate these issues for you and get you the best, most competitive market price for your property.  Our years of experience in the commercial real estate industry give me an advantage over other real estate brokers.  We have the expertise you’ll need in order to negotiate the best rate possible for your property.